Is Cannabis Legal In Your State?

Cannabis law differentiates from state to state and you will definitely need to look up your laws if you plan on smoking any sort of cannabis, medical or not, so you know if you’re within the law or breaking it.

Medical Marijuana Card

Of course you would likely need a medical marijuana card, and to get one of those you can find a doctor in your state that sees patients and gives you a recommendation for a medical marijuana card.

If they deem you fit for medical marijuana, they will issue you a card that will be mailed to you and once you receive it, you can then purchase medical marijuana legally under the cannabis law.

Another option many people have considered recently is to use hemp-derived products like a full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD vape cartridge, which has little or no THC meaning there is no psychoactive component. Although these hemp derived products do not get users “high” they do contain many of the other beneficial cannabinoids found in both hemp and cannabis plants; Especially cannabidiol or CBD which has been proven in numerous independent studies to have many beneficial medicinal effects for its users.

Why is there a stigma when using cannabis?

This is actually uncertain, and some people say it is because the government can’t tax it just yet, and for that simple reason it is illegal in most states. Now that dispensaries can be taxed for the sale of medical marijuana, it’s starting to get more and more acceptance around the United States for people with specific ailments that fit with what medicinal cannabis can help reduce symptoms for.

Other than the law saying it’s illegal in most states, people are not likely to change their ways and would prefer to pump their bodies full of “safe” drugs in order to cure something they are suffering from.

A really good example of this is cigarettes and how people smoke them to alleviate stress and anxiety. By inhaling the smoke from a cigarette you’re inviting toxins into your body that will certainly kill you over time. Cigarettes are made to be addictive and this basically means you will have an urge to slowly kill yourself over time, the more you get addicted. Now cigarettes are legal and sold everywhere in the United States, but marijuana is illegal in most states even though it’s not addictive and has no toxins that will kill you slowly.

The cannabis law says that a person, within specific states, can smoke or vape medical marijuana if they are issued a medical marijuana card. Again, you need to get a check up and issued a card by a physician or doctor in order to legally smoke cannabis within these states. Hopefully over time there will be more and more states jumping on board and noticing the benefits of medical marijuana and adjusting their cannabis laws in order to help out everyone that could benefit from it.


Why Cannabis Laws Are In Place

Cannabis laws are in place to help regulate the sale of marijuana and keep the sales tracked. Unlike the dealers walking the streets of a city selling on corners, dispensaries are legally selling marijuana and anyone who is allowed to smoke medical marijuana can walk in and purchase what they need without the authorities getting involved.

Cannabis laws are pretty lenient right now and only require a medical marijuana card in order to purchase. If you have a card, you just walk in and choose what you want to purchase and you can as long as you have that little card. Without these laws, anyone could sell out of their house and there would be no regulation. You could actually be purchasing oregano from someone who isn’t a quality seller, like a dispensary, and your money would be wasted. Even though the laws say you have to purchase from specific locations, dispensaries, and not allowing you to give your friends kid $20 for some cannabis, you are safer. You’re safer because you will be going to a building where you, and the authorities, know medical marijuana is being sold. This means that people won’t be attempting to rob you at gun/knife point when you meet them in an alley to make a purchase, because this has happened in the past.


Purchasing marijuana is either illegal or legal depending on where you are located and if you were approved to purchase in the first place. You can’t jump states and purchase, or even carry medicinal marijuana, if you have a card saying you are authorized to smoke it. Carrying medical marijuana into a state that doesn’t allow you to use it for medicinal uses will get you a ticket and fine as well as your cannabis being confiscated from you. You will have to go to a court appearance and hopefully the judge will be lenient on you because you were authorized by your state to carry it legally, but you need to remember that you still broke a cannabis law within that state and you could see some less than credible things showing up on your background checks from now on.

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